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Cricket T20 is one of the most exciting games played among selected nations in the world. However, T20 cricket game is almost a religion in Asia wherein people are very emotional about the game.

Cricket T20 is played in different formats like Tests which are played for 5 days, ODIs (One Day International) and 20/20 Best android Cricket Game App which are merely a 20-over match with both sides playing 20 overs each just as T20.

Qurious Design has endeavored to present Super Cricket T20 app your reliable source for all the Game action on your Android device. The essence of this best new cricket game is spiced up with classy graphics, easy-of-use and sophistication. Engaging menus, interesting formats and perceptive programming makes this game all the more thrilling with ease of controls like, just tap the screen at the perfect time to bat and score maximum runs.

Cricket fever is for all the series is gripping the T20 Cricket lovers. And this game will allow you to fulfill all of your cricketing madness into an action-packed game. Enjoy hours of nonstop game play and absolute fun with best Cricket App Super Cricket T20 !

This is best cricket game that offers loads of entertaining innings in 5 different modes.

★ Premier League Matches – Do you wait whole year for this season to begin? In this version of 20/20 there are eight official teams, Choose your favorite team and guide them to victory for the coveted trophy!

★World Cup (CWC) – One of the greatest of all cricketing events, CWC is full of action and drama. Pick your team and walk onto the pitch to take your place in front of the stumps. You will be batting, while a player on the opposite team will be bowling. So, brace yourselves, compete with the best cricket app download free.

★ Challenge – Rise up to the challenge and make the most of it. Challenge your opponent, set the target for e.g. 10 balls 23 runs overcome it and smash your way to be the winner.

★ Knockout – Strike with expertise to achieve the highest number of runs in the single wicket format.

★ Practice – Practice makes a man perfect. Rehearse your shots to perfection before playing the actual T20 match or CWC match with no limit to number of lives.

Key Features:

★ Daily Rewards – Collect free runs daily which will eventually be added to the total score earned from the various formats you played in this cricket app.

★ Global Leaderboard – In this app you can compete with the other players and earn the distinction of being on the Global Leaderboard.

★ Daily Leaderboard – Be on the leaderboard on daily or permanent basis with other players placed in descending order according to runs scored by them. This leaderboard can be reset every 24 hours.

★ Permanent Leaderboard – Earn a permanent place on the Permanent Leaderboard by hitting the highest ever score. Moreover, there is no reset for this leaderboard.

★ Career Statistics – You can put your career statistics like highest score, strike rate, centuries, 50s and much more. Furthermore, upload your photograph or choose the default avatar.