snakes and ladders dice board game download free for kids

Snake And Ladder


snakes and ladders game download free for kids snakes and ladders game download free for kids

Snakes and Ladders - Board Game free download for entertainment with Kids.

Qurious Design introduces insightful and entertaining game of Snake & Ladder. The snakes and ladders Game free download mostly for kids on Android and iOS, this game is mentioned in the Rig Ved, was known as Gyan Chaupar was popular among Vedic Indians.

Experience the heightened graphics with great colours and user-friendly features. In some of its features the eyes of the snakes keep blinking. Other features facilitate you to change the colours to red, blue, green or yellow.

Kill the boredom during travel or in leisure time. Simply play this dice game(Snakes & Ladders - Free Board Game for Kids ) it requires a single device like tabs or smartphones along with your family or friends in the multiplayer mode. So go ahead, have a great game, all the best!


There are many exciting features of the game which will further engage you in an interesting manner.

★ Share – Share the number of wins and scores with your family or friends and show them your champion side.


★ There are many modes to set up different and interesting games to play, the way you want – single player or multiplayer mode.

★ You vs Computer – Pit your gaming skills against the computer and show it who’s the boss! In a game against the computer you will score 1 point every time you win.

★ You vs Local Player – You can also compete with other players.

★ You vs 3 Players – In this mode, set a match against 3 players to test your expertise. For every win against 3 players you will score 3 points.