glass breaker game



glass breaker game glass breaker game

Qurious Design have launched their latest game 'Super Glass Breaker' with sleek and cool graphics. It is one of the most challenging and interesting games of all times. This game is inspired and derived from brick breaker and bubble shooter. The real challenge is to score using logic and precision hits. Gamer uses the balls as projectiles to shatter the glass bricks without crossing over the boundary line (bottom floor).

The balls starting from single digit to numerous other are the main arsenal. There other features like vertical and horizontal laser beams which when activated eliminate balls in the specific column and row respectively. Glass Breaker also offers reward points one for upgrading to balls with unique powers.

Shatter and smash the glass bricks with a series of projectile balls. Use your logic and that perfect angle to cause maximum, damage or demolition. Moreover, enjoy the glass bricks getting shattered with exciting VFX and sound effects. Play it with your friends and family in your leisure time or while you are getting bored. This Glass Breaker game is a nice time-pass with full fun and entertainment !

In Glass Breaker there are infinite levels that make the game exciting. That’s not all – you can play the game offline without any need of Wi-Fi or internet. Sounds interesting? Get ready to play and smash your way to unlimited fun!

salient Features:

  • Sleek graphics
  • Endless game
  • Great sound effects
  • Striking colour scheme
  • Easy movability (of projectile balls)
  • Good Interface
  • Simple and addictive gameplay
  • Best time pass and leisure game
  • Playable by one hand, single finger
  • Can be played offline, no Wi-Fi or internet required
  • High score achievements and leaderboard
  • Daily & all-time leaderboards